Class 4


Lightworkers Guide to Healing the Planet—Plus Bonus Class
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Now that you love yourself more, and have the tools to continue opening to Self-Love, you are ready to give back to the world by BEING your true self. Your light is your gift, and being rather than doing something all the time, is that gift. Your presence matters in everyday life. In this class we are going to explore how to become more of yourself and “Do without doing and everything gets done.” When we trust our guidance, we learn to become that which we truly are a presence of Unconditional Love.

*Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and Bonus are included.

The BONUS Class:
Connection with Your Divine Guidance — Free!
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Buy Class 4 and get classes 1, 2, 3, 4 + BONUS CLASS:

Once you have learned Heart Path, and you have worked with it for a while, you now are ready to trust yourself enough to call in your guides and angels. Once you learn the easy process, you can talk to your guides anytime you need to for better help and wellness. Each of us has a team ready to help you with whatever you need. Now is the time to connect with them to bring your light into the world and shine it even brighter than you have before. If you have a Teacher, such as Buddha, Jesus, Yogananda or other wise ones, you learn how to listen to them more readily, and dismiss the imposters.

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