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Welcome to Classes and Workshops 2018

Heart Path Subtle Energy Medicine Seminars with Heart Path. Taught by Robin White Turtle Lysne, Ph.D.

Leading to a certificate in Heart Path and Subtle Energy Medicine.

Join the experience anytime!

2018 Spring Readings, Workshops and Seminars

Featured Reader: Mosaic, New and Collected Poems Reading: Friday, January 19th, 2018

7-9 p.m. Expressions Gallery, Oakland, CA Free and Open to the public, Open Mic after featured readers. 

Workshop: How Self-Love Supports Self-Realization

Sunday, January 21st, 2018, Workshop from 1:30 – 4 p.m., Cost $40

Location: Community of Infinite Spirit, 1540 Hicks Road, San Jose, CA

To Register Call me or use the contact form. (831) 457-2483

Experience your own path to Self-Realization! Self-Realization is talked about a lot. But what is it really? And how does self-love fit in. In the 2 and ½ hour workshop, Robin Lysne will talk about her experience with herself and clients and how it can make a difference for others. You will experience the Heart Path Process, based on Bodichitta form of Tibetan Buddhist meditation, taught to her by her spirit guide Wulan, a Tibetan teacher. Wulan and Robin wrote Heart Path together, which describes materials from 6 years of weekly classes and workshops. Join her for this enlightening presentation!


Book Signing and Workshop, Sunday, January 28th, 2018, 1-3 p.m. Book signing, and 5-7 p.m. Workshop, The Greatest Love of All, Self-Love, How it supports Self-Realization -Bonus: How do you achieve inner peace?

Location: Mystic Journey Bookstore, 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 Call for more information: 310-399-7070 

cost: only $25 to register, pre-pay and save your space, contact me through contact link above and I will send you payment information. 

I will be talking about my books Heart Path, Learning to Love Yourself and Listening to Your Guides, and Heart Path Handbook, which give a good overview of how to love yourself and why it is important towards Self-Realization. The workshop will give each participant practical tools for self-love, ones you can take with you for a life time of inner peace. To register: email me through the contact form.


Saturday, February 3 Developing Your Psychic Gifts

All of us have intuitive gifts, but how can we develop them? In this fascinating one-day workshop we will experience several ways to connect with your gifts and then to expand them. We will play with energy, and help you fine-tune your life to experience more psychic   awareness every day. This workshop is not part of the Heart Path Certification.


Saturday, March 31 Advanced Techniques in EM-Imagination and Intuition

Do you have psychic gifts but occasionally run into psychic attacks? How do you protect yourself from them? How do you release curses, and other toxic energy from clients and their attackers.

What beliefs do you need to watch out for in your clients and yourselves that actually attract negative energies?

Discover how your imagination and intuition intersect for healing and support. In this one-day seminar you will learn how to support yourself through imaginative practices that do not violate any ethical psychic laws. Who can we call in to help healing and move into greater, more expanded consciousness? Come and learn how. This workshop is not part of the Heart Path Certification. 


Saturday and Sunday, May 26 and 27 Heart Path Level 1 – Learn to release fear and anger to become more of your authentic self-that is in tune with your unconditionally loving presence. Heart Path is a way to love yourself without limits. All issues begin inside, when you change yourself, you   change your outer world too. Learn the process and then see how your life transforms.

Each day seminar is $100. Two days $200. Bring your lunch, a notebook and your intuition!

Location: Amity Cottage, Ben Lomond, CA (directions available upon registration.)

*Certification is granted on an individual basis depending on your experience working with other people.

Monthly Meditations  with Wulan and StarWoman (Divine Mother)

On the 3rd Wednesday of every month. The monthly meditations with a channeled visit from Angels, Guides and Great Teachers. The location is available in Los Gatos, CA between Santa Cruz and Los Gatos off Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Join Us!

Radio Show

Listen to any program anytime: and scroll down to my show EVOLVE!

Listen to archived shows with Authors: Nicki Scully,Todd Pressman, Ph.D., Carin Rockhind, Tony Redhouse, Michelle Bradshaw Kanti, Elizabeth McKenzie, Robin Hemley, Desda Zuckerman author of Your Sacred Anatomy, Patricia White Buffalo, Shamanic Practitioner, Amita author of You Long For Me, the Catamaran Writer’s Conference and many others great speakers!