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In order to schedule a reading with Robin, follow the easy steps below:


All sessions must be paid for in advance. Or if you are coming to see Robin in person you may bring payment at the time of the reading or healing session. If you are choosing a phone session, make your payment through PayPal by clicking the PayPal button. Robin’s sessions are $130 US dollars an hour and rarely need to last longer than an hour. She charges by the hour, so if you want a longer session, or your session runs over, payment will be expected. 1-hour sessions are $130, 1/2 hour sessionare $65, 1/4 hour are $35.





If this is your first session with me, after submitting your payment, copy the questionnaire [HERE] into the contact form on this page, or into an email to rhlysne(at)cruzio(dot)com. Please fill in your responses to the questions. In your comments, please also indicate when you would like to set up a time for a session and that you have paid in advance through Pay Pal.


Please use the CONTACT FORM above or call Robin at (831) 457-2483 to set up a time. Robin is generally available for sessions between noon and 6 pm Tuesday through Saturday (PST), and other times by special arrangement.

Sessions are confirmed once Robin has received your completed questionnaire and payment (if a phone session).




PHONE APPOINTMENT: On the agreed upon day and time of our phone session, call Robin at (831) 457-2483. I will not call you or accept collect calls. Please make sure that you will be talking to me from a space that is private and free of interruptions, T.V., radio, and electronics so that you can get the most out of your session.

IN PERSON APPOINTMENT: If you have requested an in-person appointment, Robin will send you the address upon receipt of your payment and questionnaire.