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It always amazes me that we have repeated opportunities for growth on Mother Earth moment to moment. She is a wise being, loving us no matter what our situation. Even when we are not able to receive from her, she is still there being with us. Often, she gives us growth opportunities, and those growth opportunities often come in the disguise of letting go.
Imagine that we are standing on, sitting within, and swimming through the presence of unconditional love that heals everything all the time. We are that love, and only keep ourselves separate by self-identity with something else, like our pain, our sorrow, or our accomplishments, or that we are not that love, but hold ourselves separate from other beings or that streaming love. It can be exhausting to fight the healing sometimes. When we do let go, we can relax and feel the love pouring around us.
When we do surrender, it seems like a fight, or challenge that finally gets us there. Sometimes we have to collapse from: pain, loss, or failure. But the good news is, there is that love holding us, continually, whether we label ourselves a failure or not, there the Mother is in her constant love, still feeding us, housing us and helping us breathe.
So enjoy the love that we are, and open to the awareness of love as everywhere around us, falling like rain, bathing us like a baby.Happy Valentines Day from Mother Earth and Father Sky.
You Are Love(d).