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In my tarot cards that I draw every day, I keep getting the change card. It is a wheel that is spinning. Gulp!

I know that there is only one constant in life and that is change. Yet many people are afraid of change. Change mean we can’t always go back, it becomes apparent that changes you make are permanent especially as you get older, and you rarely retrace steps once you make your move. This makes changes scary. The 7 big changes in life are: birth, graduation, marriage, death, job changes, illness and moving all of which can cause a lot of anxiety as we live our lives.

So how can we become more comfortable with change and learn to go with the flow? Since my life lesson has been just that, it has become obvious to me that change and flow can help us move into more of what we dream. I am grateful that somehow, change has become more fluid for me as I age. When you listen deeply to what you need in your life, the universe moves with you to that which is best for your soul’s purpose. The problem is sometime the soul doesn’t care about inconvenience! Change is messy. In our current culture, we praise the gods of convenience with speedy transportation, emails, texts and other forms of partial communication.

One thing that helps me is to embrace change is to open my arms and embracing the shifts with love. This becomes a mantra of sorts. I feel that the divine works through me, so if my soul needs some form of shifting, I try to comply.

Changes bring us more into the moment. Transitions are the stepping stones of change. Becoming more present to the moment helps us shift more gently. It can be a delightful to shift, shedding what we don’t need, and opening to the reality that life is full of opportunities.

The final thing I work towards is to have no regrets. I don’t want to regret a thing. So before I shift, I look for what I might regret if I make a change. This way, once it is over, I can be satisfied and complete.

As an example, my Mother and Dad moved out of their house of 30 years. When they left they did a ritual (inspired by my first book, Dancing Up the Moon.) They went room to room together and spoke of memories that they had there. When they were done, they closed the door and felt complete. They never looked back.