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Finding Your Center In the Midst of Chaos

Sunday night I was marveling at the thunderheads still moving through after, the lightning strikes that were dazzling me and neighbors in the middle of the night early Sunday morning. Last night, I heard dear friends are being evacuated from Boulder Creek, Ben Lomond and Bonnie Doon. All morning I have been fielding calls and finding out where friends are in the midst of the 5,000 acre fire (now 77,000) in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Over three hundred lightning fires were started from Sunday night all across California. So how do we stay centered and calm during a pandemic and wildfires? Clearly there is a reset happening here in Santa Cruz County and everywhere.
One thing that helps me without a doubt is to witness what is. Ash has landed on the roof outside my window, the sky is a gray orange that only happens during fires. This reality check, actually helps me to stay grounded and present. This is what is. There are fires, prayers are in order, time to meditate. My prayer list is another way that I stay centered and grounded. That list has doubled since last night. And it helps me to know that all this is in divine order. I pray that all people in the San Lorenzo Valley are taken care of, in homes of others, as well as in shelters. I have space for them if necessary.
Meditation is the third way I help myself, and the main way I stay centered. Yogananda said: “The safest place in the Universe is inside one’s own spine.” This is so true. When I meditate, I become calm, peaceful, I feel the flow of love, and harmony through my spine, I know everything is going to be alright. I spoke to one elder today and she said, “There is too much going on, I can’t hear you (sirens) but the prayer right now is: “Please help all people in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and protect their homes. Spread the word!” So I am sharing with you a prayer sent from one elder recently evacuated. Know what is, pray, and meditate. Help where you can. This is what we can do.