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Health is not just physical, but spiritual, emotional, mental and social health as well. One of the best ways I find to achieve health is to come into balance with the Self. Because health is balance of all systems, finding balance in yourself can improve your life. My guides have given me the Three Stars of the Self, that I teach in my book Heart Path, and is discussed again in Heart Path Handbook. (See my website: for the books)

Most people know that there are chakras that run as energy spirals that move up perpendicular along the spine at 7 different levels. Three of these chakras or centers; at the crown, in the heart and in the pelvis, help us align with the light that each of us brings to the planet. These three centers connect directly to our lives. At the crown through our spiritual center connects us with our higher self and with the astral world; the heart chakra is our relational center and helps us connect with others, and the second chakra or creative center helps our grounding in our creativity and with our home, with work and with loved ones.

When we find our center through focusing on the central channel of light that moves energy up and down our spine, we come into greater balance and harmony. It is often one of the first things I share with clients when they come to see me. Teaching them the Three Stars gives them an opportunity to center themselves and find harmony and inner peace. Of course there are many other tools that help, but centering in the Three Stars through the spine, and grounding that energy all the way to the center of the Earth has worked for many thousands of people and that tool is available for you too. Try it, you may find yourself feeling more centered and grounded and present.