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When we allow it, light is available all the time to bring a new perspective and to welcome change. Like it or not, we are in the throws of massive change on a global level. If change is the only constant, then why aren’t we more adept at change that comes? Why is it we automatically go into fear? Well if you look at the thundering hoards that have taken land, water, and territory over the centuries, not to mention the death and pillaging that come with it, no wonder we recoil!

However, our physical bodies are constantly changing. Our bodies are replacing and rejuvenating cells by the millions everyday. Ideas about ourselves change, and we switch our focus, and our thoughts about others, our children grow up, move away and have families of their own. While we might get into routines, we don’t always do them precisely the same way all the time, human’s need variety. The mind needs to delve into new ideas, God needs variety, or the Universe would not have produced such amazing diverse species. Diversity is the key to successful change. This is why we need to acknowledge and relish diversity in ideas as well as within our own species. It is great to accept and relish diversity, because we are embracing the flow of the Universe!

The ego wants everything the same, and vitality is always skateboarding around the stuck places we get into when we get attached to routine. When you are in fear, anger or resistance, you are in your ego, and not allowing changes to occur that are trying to emerge. Knowing that we are part of a wonderful various universe, with various cultures and places within that Universe, helps us understand that we can choose. We can switch any moment into something better. This gives us hope and adaptability. Light is Unconditional Love. Let the light/love carry you. It pours through you everyday all day anyway, it has it’s own intelligence and when you follow the light, you come into your authentic nature. Let go, put your feet down river, and come into your best most loving and authentic self. Going with the flow, is going with the flow of your light. Life becomes an exciting adventure. I like the quote from Helen Keller; “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”