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How strange to think that a tiny virus could bring down the whole world economically, physically, and with positions of power. But it has. What is being required of us at this time is to dig deeper into who we really are as one human family. That is digging deeper for compassion, not only for ourselves but with all other people. As I said in my last newsletter, it is also a time to go in and be with the self and heal.
This impact of one-family tells me that it is a blessing as well as a plague. Over time we can see the good things, good deeds, caring actions the good wishes from others; Love over fear, love over appearances. All of this is true and happening now.
However, the most important thing I am witnessing is that love is greater. Love is greater than fear, than appearances, and greater than the virus.
People are waking up to their spirituality, to what is needed to maintain an inner self of calm, peace and happiness. People are realizing there is life after death. We are proving in this moment that love can conquer all that fear, anger and dread.
Healing and curing are two different things. They can happen at the same time. However, if the body does not get cured, the spirit can still be healed and goes on to the Astral world or realm. Healing takes place on a soul level. It can impact all the other levels of self, mental, emotional,and physical. But it doesn’t always. Sometimes suffering is burning up karma, and healing people’s souls.
Polishing the soul, (as one friend said to me) is what this time is about. We are all surrendering to ‘what is’ collectively. The whole reason we practice meditation and yoga, or exercise is to strengthen the body/mind and the spirit is so we can move through such a crisis in peace, love and harmony. It is a time of being rather than doing. Our being is who we are and what gives us direction and presence. Our ‘doing’ side is what takes action. The ‘doing’ side is here to support the presence that we are, not the other way around. Many of us have had it backwards. We have been human doings, rather than beings.
So if you are praying, meditating, cooking and enjoying the moment more through nurturing the self, giving and receiving love, you are right on track.
If you are struggling, that is understandable and that is why I am here, to help you on your way. That is why I am offering the following on-line events, including more On-Line classes!